Training Commands

English command: Heel
German command: Fuss
Pronunciation: Fooss (long o sound as in moose) Frequently gets conjugated as if it were an english verb, as in “Did you see him fussing with his dog?”

English command: Sit
German command: Sitz
Pronunciation: Siitz (rhymes with “fits”)

English command: Down
German command: Platz
Pronunciation: Platz (rhymes with “cats”)

English command:Here (or Front, or Come)
German command:Heir
Pronunciation: hee er Hang on the “eh” sound slightly longer than usual, and roll the r (if you can).

English command: Fetch, Bring, Get it
German command: Bring
Pronunciation: Brrring. Roll the “r”

English command: Search, Seek, Track
German command: Such
Pronunciation: Tsuuk, soo, The final k sound is almost silent.

English command: Out, Drop it, Let go
German command: Aus
Pronunciation: Owss, rhymes with “house”

English command: Jump, Up, Over
German command: Hopp
Pronunciation: Hop.

English command: Go out
German command: Voraus
Pronunciation: For owss (rhymes with “for house”)

English command: Hunt, search the blind
German command: Revier
Pronunciation: Reh veer

English command: Go on
German command: Voran
Pronunciation: For awn. Some people use “voran” as the command to the dog to run to the blind and search it for the helper, others use “revier”.